• Ammonia Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • No Chemical Smell

Nah Soft Colour works to moisturise and strength the hair and leaves it in excellent condition.

ARGAN OIL is a power antioxidant rich in vitamins, which works to strengthen, increase elasticity and protect from environment factors.

BIO-MARINE COMPLEX consist of five key ingredients: Marine Collagen Amino Acids, Sea Moss, Sea Kelp, Chitosan and Sea Salt.
The Bio-Marine Complex works to also strengthen and protect to hair during colour, This complex also re-infuses the hair with essential nutrients and natural amino acids.   The combination replenishes lost moisture and increases elasticity.

Ammonia Free colouring is the future of hair colouring. Ammonia is a harsh chemical which is used to open the hair cuticle allowing the colour to penetrate into the hair.  This can cause the hair to over swell and leaving the hair lacking in the moisture and protein, not to mention the allergies that can be experienced from the exposure.

Due to our ever changing world and advances in technology there is a replacement for yucky ammonia and it is no longer needed in the colour world. Ammonia is commonly used in cleaning products and quite frankly, who wants cleaning products on their head?